West Hollywood to the West Side

I’m writing this sentence from my new desk in my new apartment in my new area of town.


Honestly it’s all still pretty surreal for me. The entire process happened so quickly that it’s almost as if I didn’t have time to blink. Though I knew that I was going to be moving this summer, I didn’t expect for the move to happen the very first day of June. But it did.

After a series of inexplicably divine events I have somehow found myself in a wonderful apartment in Santa Monica, 10 blocks from the beach. When I look back and think on how I got here, I honestly have no words (mostly because I have absolutely no clue how this actually happened).

Since finding out that this move was in fact becoming a reality two weeks ago, life has truly felt like a dream. Each day has passed with an almost foggy haze over it. It wasn’t until after a full day of moving with a Uhaul truck that the realization of my new reality truly set in.

I moved to Santa Monica.

And the best part is…

I have my own washer and dryer!

But in all seriousness I truly am in shock at not only the pace at which this change integrated, but also at the sheer comfort, excitement, and contentment that I feel in my new home.

Due to whirlwind timing of this move I hadn’t had much time to write in the last couple of weeks, but now that I am beginning to settle I can’t help but look forward to the words that will find their way to this website as I embark on the new adventures and experiences that await in this next chapter.

But right now… I’m going to take a walk to the beach. Until next time.